Our time—right now—is not exceptional. Rather, it is just another point in the continuum of time. We do not occupy the center of time any more than the earth occupies the center of the universe. When we apply the idea of non-exceptionalism to the present time, we can learn interesting […]

Protected space: where will we end up?

It is easy to learn about space! Take a look at our newly posted page about playing with space in your home: Play with it—Space in your home.

Play with space in your home

I worked long enough in Washington DC to know that the political system has incredible ability to stonewall, hinder, and delay. Donald Trump will not be able to do much of what he promised during his campaign. Republicans whom he insulted during his campaign will be less than wholehearted supporters […]

Open Space Trumped? is a place for the exchange of information and ideas about how to preserve part of the American heritage: its “empty” spaces. These are the spaces where nothing is built; they include a significant amount of space that is not publicly owned, not protected by conservation easement, not necessarily […]

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